Wedding Don’ts When You’re on a Budget

Weddings are getting costlier these days with many ideas coming in, and event planners finding ways to sneak in suggestions that can add up to your total bill. There are so many design ideas to choose from, and while the choice is up to you, you can also get swayed by the attractive, beautiful designs you find online.

Couples often have misunderstandings over wedding budgetWhen you are on a budget, though, squeezing in these little add-ons can be challenging. For one, you cannot merely say “Yes” to whatever your planner says. You must think through whether you need something or not, even if that means having to talk to your planner the next day. Do not get swayed by promotions or gimmicks that make you think you needed something when it wasn’t planned all along. For example, you can go with a simple and affordable white screen over a LED board, the latter costing hundreds of dollars to rent. While a planner will usually say that you need a LED board for your video presentations, you can choose to say “No” when you know you are short of budget.

Aside from staying within your budget, another must-do for weddings is for the couple to be involved in the planning process. Do not merely let the planner do everything for you. This day is your wedding, not anyone else’s. Therefore, you must make sure that you are not allowing another person do the job for you, and then pay for the ill feelings later on. Even if you are busy at work, you must decide on which color you want for your theme, what decorations you want to be placed around the area, or what songs you want the best wedding band in New Jersey to include in their playlist. You want to attend a wedding that reflects your personality as a couple, so make sure you are part of the curation process.

Even with all these reminders, many couples still stumble upon mistakes that are written again and again on wedding don’ts lists. So, to further emphasize these don’ts to you, here are some of them:

Getting consensus of both parties in wedding planning is crucial1. Not deciding as a couple

In many weddings, it is the would-be bride who is calling the shots. It is terrible for many reasons because, for one, it is you and your partner who is getting married; not just you. So, it is just right to make decisions together as a couple. By making it a team effort, you get to infuse your personalities along with you and your partner enjoying the planning stage. And when the event arrives, you and your partner get to enjoy the party, too, since the theme is something that you both like. Even with busy schedules, make time to plan your wedding together. And if only one of you is calling the shots, you may end up with changes that also cost money.

2. Not knowing what you want

The top thing that can save you a lot of money is knowing what you want for your wedding. If you are unsure and you allow the planner, your friend, or relative to choose for you, then you have seemingly unending options that you and your partner may not like. Also, when everyone else is excited with the preparations, you may end up with a growing bill that can go beyond your planned budget. So, stick with what you want, and work your wedding plans around that.

These are the wedding don’ts that you must avoid when you are on a budget. Know what you want, decide as a couple, and stick to your planned budget.