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Time Management for Actors

Being self-employed like the creative people and the actors requires a lot of time management skills. Too much of free time often makes them tension-free whereas a tightly packed schedule makes them stressful and tired. It is a great challenge for the actors to manage their time and to utilize them wisely. The life of an actor is packed with auditions, classes, and rehearsals. So, their day job and their home job often become overwhelming.

After some time, they might feel that they don’t have enough hours in the day to spend a few moments of relaxation. But there are ways in which the time can be managed to get the maximum out of it. Some of the techniques that are discussed below really have the ability to stretch time and give them extra space in their day to do things they like. An actor or a creative person can then only bloom in their performance and show their best.

1. Plan for your day the night before

Managing time as an actorThis rule is quite popular in most of the time management books and articles. Before you go to bed try to make a list of all the things you have to do the day after. This is a healthy habit as that is directly in line with the goals you are reaching for. This practice of yours will act as an alarm call after you wake up in the morning. In fact, planning all your works a night before will actually give you a better sleep.

2. Try to prioritize your most difficult work first

It is often found that most people are reluctant to do the difficult work at first.  But if the difficult tasks are done at the very beginning of the day, it gives great mental relaxation. By putting this practice into the effort, one can plan and manage their whole day to get optimum use out of it. There are some interesting apps like Ink+volt and Download these apps for a better result.

3. Do something more interesting other than acting

Variations are necessary for life. Life becomes monotonous if you tend to follow the same routine every day. To add color and freshness don’t stick to one profession or hobby. A simple change in your day to day life will help you to add a great variation in life. You are an actor, that doesn’t mean that you have to dedicate and focus all your time in taking classes, collaborating with other actors, reading scripts, perfecting a monologue, or redefining a dance combination. You must also cut some time for your family and friends and more importantly for yourself.

Some sorts of physical activities like yoga, walking, and running can reenergize you again. Not only physical relaxation, but mental relaxation is also needed for an actor. So, you can meditate, tune in to your favorite songs, and even spend some time answering your emails or talking to your friends. Learn more about how meditation can help your acting career.

4. Make a list of “must-do,” “want-to-do,” and “should do”

Group all your activities according to the “must-do,” “want-to-do,” and “should-do” category. Put things in the “want-to-do” category which you have never done before but wish to do if you have time. Include the things you are unwilling to do, but you have to do, in the category of “should do,” and the most important activities in your “must-to-do” category. Prioritize your must-to-do category first. But also keep time for the rest two groups.

5. Stay fit by taking better care of yourself

A healthy body and mind is a nature’s gift. And this is equally true for an actor. It is seen that many actors rely on energy drinks and caffeinated beverages. Though they are not very dangerous but avoid the use of a too much artificial substance to regain your energy. Instead, nourish your body and mind with healthy food. Eat right, take rest, go for meditation, read the books you like, and always be positive. Try not to overburden your mind and body with too much load and stress.

Multitasking might be the key to keep up with an acting career6. Divide your huge tasks into smaller chunks

Learn to combine some of your tasks as this is one of the better ways to manage your time. For instance, try to make all the phone calls during a fixed period of the day. If you cannot respond to a phone call, then make a habit of leaving a voice message to that person so that you can call him/her at your own preferable time. This will make you more organized and help you to manage your time in a better way. Keep some must-to-do tasks every day this will lead you in the direction of your goals. For example, these 15 minutes rituals could vocalize, meditation, sit-ups, work on voice over a copy or studying a dialect.

7. Always keep your patience and be positive

Be ready to face any challenge. If something comes up suddenly and forces you to change your pre-planned schedule, be positive and keep your patience. Simply choose a new time for this new task and face the challenge strongly. Join professional method acting classes to upskill yourself. Find more information at and pick the suitable acting course to enhance your core skills and get better at it.

8. Always put your acting career first

Most of the professionals including the actors tend to spend the first hour of their workday in checking emails. This practice is very harmful as it always takes more time than you plan for. So, it is better to start your morning by doing some yoga or meditation. Practice this routine for a few days and watch the surprising result that you get. As Facebook is a great time eater so, avoid to log in to Facebook at the beginning of the day.

Lastly, stop looking at your to-do list with an overwhelming sense. Remember, any forward motion you make is a step towards your progress. Your goal should not be to succeed 1oo percent of the time, but it should be to succeed more often than failing and recovering quickly after your failure.

By applying these techniques, you will find that your acting career will smoothly march forward with a golden future ahead.