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Are You Considering a Cheap Website Hosting Service?

When you are a new entrepreneur, you want to save up on every penny, right? Of course, you want to succeed, so you try to cost-cut as much as you can at every expense.

Cheap does not mean trustworthyThese days, a website is crucial to have for any business. It is not optional anymore, unlike in years past. A site is the face of your business, so you must put in the effort to make it look professional and an extension of your brand. While some companies opt to take a free theme for their site, it is best to go with a responsive website that can cater to the marketing needs of your enterprise. A Search Engine Marketing company in San Diego put emphasis on having a website because it is like having a business card—but making it open for the world to see.

Before, there used to be just a few companies offering website design and hosting services. With the internet boom, there are now thousands of companies to choose from, each providing the same service but with slight differences in payment, add-ons, and most likely, quality. You can’t merely rely on what is being advertised on the web hosting business’ website because chances are, there are some things that the company doesn’t want you to know as you sign up with them. It is best to read reviews on forums and blogs and to get information from people you know who have tried the service. Online marketing can be very misleading. So you must always go on the side of caution and do not quickly fall over gimmicks because you are establishing online assets for your business.

You have done your research, and now you are considering a web hosting service that is 30% cheaper than the average market price. Of course, you take a closer look. You see that it is promising, given that many of its features are the ones you need. You also get unlimited professional emails along with the cheap hosting service. It sounds perfect!

If you decide to go with this cheap service, take note of the following and see if it’s worth signing up with:

1. What does the price include?

On the company’s website, there may be a line that says, “No hidden charges.” But, is that true, or is it just valid for the first month of signing up? In an effort to gain registrants, some companies offer super cheap services for the first month or year upon signing up with them, and then you are charged a regular price for the following year. You’d be surprised by the number of companies doing this, with the second year’s cost even more expensive than the average market price.

Most cheap web hosting services also have a lot of add-ons like website privacy and site protection (SSL) that you must pay for separately. Therefore, when you add everything in, you quickly realize that the initial cheap price is not that affordable as it touts itself to be.

2. How robust is the after-sales support system?

You don’t want to be dealing with a robot after you’ve purchased a web hosting service, so make sure that before signing up, you trust and have tested the company’s support system. An excellent way to see this is to send a query to the support team. You will see how prompt and professional the team is just through that initial contact. After-sales support is significant, so don’t let low hosting prices wear you down after you’ve signed up with the company.

24/7 customer support for web hosts is necessaryThere is nothing wrong with signing up for a cheap website hosting service; however, you should make sure that you know what exactly you are paying for. Do not let marketing tricks fool you. Make your inquiry before signing up, because going with lousy service is even more expensive compared to going with a high-quality—although pricier—hosting service.