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Things Women Do That Turn Men Off On First Dates

When going on a first date, you surely would want to impress the other person. Almost everyone in the dating world will do anything to make a good first impression. However, there are certain things that some women do which are usually considered as turn offs in the eyes of men.

If you are a girl going on a first date in NYC, you need to have an idea on what turns men off at that event. Here are some of these things.

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Being impolite

Men are often turned on by gentle and nice women. It gives them a sense of pride and warms their hearts whenever they see ladies who are being kind to other people, even if they know them or not.

Being rude to others, especially to your date, will not end up well for you. In this case, you should be as kind and as polite as possible. Do not ever think that your date is your servant and that he is supposed to do everything for you.

Attention seeker

There are usually some women who trick their dates into flattering them by saying that they do not look good even though they spent several hours trying to look beautiful before the meetup. However, a man usually knows whether a woman is putting on an act just to get his attention. Doing so actually annoys any person you will ever meet on a first date,

Do not let yourself be a drama queen, like what the NYC matchmaking by TV’s Project Soulmate recommended. Wait for your date to acknowledge the nice things about you and compliment you truthfully. You will feel better and more flattered when you receive compliments that are not forced. Do not forget to thank him for his compliments.

Easily distracted

Almost everyone gets annoyed if they are not getting the attention that they deserve. It is even more so when the other person is giving his or her attention to you during the date. This is most especially true if resources have been exhausted, but it would seem like such efforts are all in vain.

When a man puts a lot of effort into planning a date, even spending his money just to be with you for several hours, it is but right to give him your full attention. Do not use your phone or daydream especially when he is talking. If you are bringing your phone with you during the date, turn it off or set it to silent mode. When someone calls you in the middle of the date, you have to pick it up only when it is absolutely necessary.

Poor social manners

When going out with someone who is still practically a stranger to you, you should always try to show good social manners. Otherwise, your date will just be uncomfortable with others seeing you showing poor behavior, considering that he is your companion at that time.

Some of the social manners deemed to be poor are laughing hysterically in public places, unnecessarily talking out loud, and most especially, getting food from his plate. Being impolite to other people, such as to the elderly or the waiter can turn the mood sour too. These can totally turn off just about anyone.

Baby Talking

Baby talking is only acceptable if done with your boyfriend and in private. If you baby talk in an attempt to look sweet during your first date, that annoys men. Remember, he is not your boyfriend yet.

There are still other annoying things that can turn men off. Be careful and cautious with your actions during your first date if you wish to impress your date.