Monthly Archive: July 2016

Dealing With Change In A Positive Way…

Some of you reading this article may be old enough to remember the Elton John song with the line that says, “The change is going to do you good.”

So here’s an interesting question–If change is so good for us, why do most of us fear change so much?

There’s an incredible new book we’ve been reading called Dragon Spirit and in it the authors talk about change. They say that change is inevitable, things will change and nothing is fixed in place or time.

Now while this is not news to most of us, many of us still cringe inwardly when changes occur in our lives, especially when we perceive the changes to be negative.

The truth is that change is happening in every moment whether you are consciously creating the change or not and we can use that change to create a better life.

When change happens, we have two choices. We can either embrace the change and move forward into a new life or situation or we can stay stuck in the past. Keeping things as they are or staying in the past is always okay if it’s a conscious choice.

Change creates challenges when we don’t look at our lives as they really are and don’t embrace the change to consciously create our lives from an empowering place.

In our relationship and our lives, we have learned a great deal about change from each other. Susie has always viewed change with varying degrees of apprehension. She’s lived in the same house for 30 years and changed jobs infrequently. Otto, on the other hand, has lived in well over 20 or 25 houses in his lifetime and has had even more jobs so change has been a big part of his experience.

What Susie has learned from Otto about change is to expect it and that change is not a “bad” thing. Otto has learned from Susie that if you’re going to make a change in your life, make sure that you are conscious about the reasons for making those changes.

If change is an “issue” in your life, here are some questions to ask yourself to help you to move forward.

1. Are you recognizing and embracing the changes going on around you in every moment?

2. Do you keep doing the same things over and over in the face of change that keep you stuck in the past?

3. What can you consistently do to create your life the way you want it?

If change is certain, on-going and inevitable, an important truth to recognize is that it’s what we do in the face of those changes that determines the outcome of our lives and our happiness.

So, we encourage you to look at the change in your life with a sense of wonder and possibility. The author Pema Chodron encourages us to “relax into the truth of change.” Welcome it as if it were a long-lost friend and not an enemy. If you do, you’ll see glorious “changes” in your life.

“Change is the elixir of life. Stating a simple truth, happiness is ours when we respond and adapt with enthusiasm to changes when they appear.”