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Skin Types and Why You Should Know Yours

Taking good care of your skin is not an easy job. It may seem like our skin is meant for cosmetic purpose only but I’d like to tell you that it surely isn’t just about that. In definition, skin is the soft outer layer that covers our entire body. Do you know what the largest organ is in your body? If you have thought that it could be your lungs or something else other than your skin, you’d have just to accept the unpopular truth. As an organ, our skin plays a significant role in our lives and in our body other than being a tempting device to exuberate beauty. It also protects us from the smallest elements such as microbes, it regulates our body temperatures, and it also provides the lovely sensation of touch.

women are obsessed in improving their skinThe best way for us to be able to maintain a healthy skin is through knowing what we need and familiarize with the Peach & Lily K Beauty skin care routine. Take a look at some of these skin types and try to determine which one yours is.

Oily Skin

I think this one is more popular in terms of skin types. You might have already probably noticed if your face gets oily quickly and easily. The T-zone, for example, is the part that starts with a horizontal line in your forehead and goes down to your nose. If these areas in your face become shiny, greasy, and oily in no time, even if you didn’t put anything, then you have oily skin.

Sensitive Skin

Just by reading the first word, you’ve probably already determined that people who have this skin type surely has it the worst. It is quite difficult to find the right product for those who are of this skin type because using something too strong would already cause a risky irritation. If this happens to you often, especially if you’ve used a lot of products already and it seems like it itches and turns red most of the time, then you’re sensitive. You have to be a lot way more careful than usual because if you use something too strong and with the wrong chemicals in it, reversing adverse effects is difficult and may be close to impossible.

Normal Skin

People with this type of skin won’t have any evident characteristics like the other skin types. After they would wash their faces, it would feel fresh and clean without them being irritated or having any itching and redness. Being oily is also not that evident compared with those who are oily skinned. I guess we can say that people with this kind of skin type are the luckiest.

moisturizers are good for dry skinDry Skin

Does your skin feel flaky and just straight out dry? From what we’ve observed, dry skinned folks are the opposite of those who are oily skinned. After washing your face, you might feel like your skin is tight but somehow, even after putting on a facial product, your face remains unnourished. This kind of skin type is also prone to wrinkles and irritation, but luckily, they don’t experience redness. A good moisturizer is an absolute need.


Did you get confused along the way when you tried to figure out what your skin type is? If your skin seems to be showing characteristics of two different types, then you mostly have a combination of an oily-dry skin. Isn’t that like a cliché? This kind of skin type seems to change depending on the weather. It is also possible that your T-zone on the face becomes oily but other parts of your face seem flaky. Ouch. This is caused by different sized pores all over your face and therefore, giving you the dry and oily. Remember that the best solution to this is a good cleansing and exfoliating cream just to make sure that your pores aren’t clogged.


Top 5 Underrated Singers

Singing is something that cannot be easily earned or learned. Mostly, it takes years and years of practice actually to learn it, and some are even unsuccessful in doing so. However, singing can also come as a natural talent for a few. Some popular artists are truly gifted while others seem to have been dragged into it by being born into fame. Of course, popularity does not necessarily mean success and happiness. I really believe that some singers deserve more credit, not because of what and who they are but because of the joy that they have in singing, whether they are widely known or not as much. Here are the top 5 underrated singers that you may or may not have heard yet.

5. Tori Kelly

She has recently gained popularity because of the movie “Sing”, but it seems like everyone does not pay much attention to her. Sure, she’s had a few awards, and singles are out here and there, but nobody seems to realize how she sings amazingly like she had undergone a thousand hours of singing & voice lessons. She also writes her own songs, and she would even produce it herself. If ever you’d get to listen more to how she sings and performs, I definitely know that we’d all agree how she deserves more exposure.

4. Jennifer Hudson

Despite being a finalist during the American Idol Season 3, her name just doesn’t leave that much of a mark. Simple tunes and catchy phrases will stay on charts for weeks, but I guess, her singing skills were covered by all the new things that are popping up along the way. Luckily, Broadway has welcomed her quite well during her debut. She would be starred as the guest but it so far, nothing has been offered to her where she leads the role. We just wish she gets more of the love. Have you even heard that she just released a new album this year? We haven’t either, but you might want to take a look at it.

3. Nicole Scherzinger

nicole scherzingerYes, we know, she’s a bombshell. Being the leader of the famous group, Pussycat Dolls, the spotlight is surely not much far from her. Unfortunately, people seem to look at her like nothing else other than being a bombshell. She looks great, and she’s hot and feisty. The talent, however, goes beyond the crowd’s head. Did you know she dances really well? If you’ve seen her in Dancing with the Stars, you’d absolutely believe that she’s a pro. In singing, she’s not just a hot babe that dances to the tune because whether you believe it or not, her vocals are pretty strong. She even sings opera! Next time you’d see her on The X Factor, you should start thinking twice if she’s just there for display because she certainly isn’t.

2. Hozier

hozierWe’re not sure if you’ve heard of him but the song “Take Me to Church” is something that you’ve probably already listened or come across to. With all the cute guys and charming boys these days, Hozier is someone who won’t get much craze from the people just because girls aren’t going crazy over him. Rappers and boy bands seem more attractive to millennials for now, and a genuine musician who sings songs with deep meanings are way under-appreciated. Being a son of a blues musician, it’s not hard to see that Hozier has a unique aesthetic to his music. It’s almost as if, his songs are filled with soul. We’re just glad that he somehow got a bit of recognition because of “Take me to Church” but hopefully, people would go and dig deeper through his album and listen to the rest of his songs. You won’t regret it!

1. Lady Gaga

Most people know her as this popular but very unusual and borderline crazy pop singer. She might be very popular, but not everyone seems to appreciate or know her singing abilities. Her songs are great successes, and surely it has been gone through your mind too when it was at the peak. Lines such as “Po-po-po-poker face…Po-po-poker face” was such a catchy tune that you couldn’t seem to forget. However, Gaga is more than just a pop star. She is an excellent composer, and she understands music beyond what most people have expected. At a young age, she was raised in a Catholic family but was often seen as provocative or eccentric, even for a child. She started playing the piano at the age of 4 and started writing her first ballad when she was just 13. She then studied music but had to stop to focus on her career. It wasn’t very easy though because it took her years and years. Gaga has also been rejected and disappointed at times. Yet, she never gave up until someone finally discovered her.

Now, Lady Gaga is one of the most well-known artists not just because of her record-breaking songs but also because of her actual singing skills. She may have started with pop but in every genre; she nails. She has worked with Metallica and Tony Bennett. I mean, look at the difference between the kind of music. Gaga can sing really well, and she even sang a version of The Sound of Music as a tribute. It seems like not many have known this because she was famed for being outrageous in costumes and she sang songs that are almost hypnotizing. Even her vocal range is surprisingly impressive. From pop to classical, and even rock metal — Gaga is your girl.